Waffle Maker SM-281

Waffle Maker SM-281

Waffle Maker SM-281


  • HIGH-QUALITY BAKING PLATES - 4-Piece baking plates caters to large families’ need for Belgian-style waffle breakfast. With electric coils behind the both of the plates, Waffle maker heats up quickly and evenly, perfectly golden fluffy waffles are no longer bakery-exclusive. A more durable non-stick coating, which allows low-fat baking. 

  • VERSATILE AND DELICIOUS - Cook tasty waffles, hash browns, omelet, and even biscuit pizzas with this little waffle maker that could! Fun and flexible!
  • HIGH POWER HIGH EFFICIENCY - With the power of 1200 watts, it heats up quickly, finishes pre-heating within only 5 minutes, baking within 6 minutes.
  • Power and Ready light indicators. Automatic temperature control .

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